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Why You Should Only Burn Local Wood

In many areas, there is an abundance of firewood because local forests are repopulated to help with the environment. This means that there is an abundance of local wood that can be burned without worrying about the local ecology. Some people think that it is better to buy wood that has come from other areas, but this is wrong for many reasons.

You should use local firewood in your chimney

First, even dried wood that is collected for fires can have bugs and parasites that may not be native to the area. If these invasive creatures get into the local trees, they can do a great deal of damage and can actually wipe out forests. This can have a devastating effect to the local ecology that can take decades if not centuries to repair.

Next, local firewood can actually be much cheaper than purchasing firewood that has been imported from another area. Some also prefer to cut down their own wood and replant from their own land because that is the least expensive form of heat. It is always a good idea to support the local economy and if a few dollars are saved in the bargain, it just makes sense.

Finally, when you buy local wood, you will know whether there been any chemicals or paints that were used in proximity of the wood. It is not safe to burn wood in a fireplace or wood stove that has been treated with any type of chemical. These chemicals can cause poisoning of the people who are in the home when the wood is being burned.

Protecting the environment is very important to just about everyone, which is why it is important to use local wood. Burning woods that have been brought in from other areas means that you may not know where it comes from. It could contain parasites or even chemicals that are harmful to local trees or those who are around when the wood is burning.

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