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Breakdown of a Chimney Inspection

What Exactly Happens During a Chimney Inspection?

Having the chimney inspected is something that every homeowner should do, but many neglect to take care of it. Maybe the reason for this is because they do not understand exactly what happens during a chimney inspection and how it can benefit their family and home. In fact, a chimney inspection will help the chimney run more efficiently and make sure that it is not posing any serious risks to the home.

Before beginning a chimney inspection, a good chimney sweep will take precautions to protect the home. Out of courtesy for the customer, they should cover all floors and furniture to make sure that they do not track any soot or dirt into the home. Some will also wear booties over their shoes for an extra precaution. Although the fireplace is dirty, there is no reason to be worried about the condition of the home afterwards.

At the start of the inspection, the inspector will look over all parts of the chimney that are easily accessible. They will check to see if there is any obvious damage before they even get into a more in-depth inspection. This includes the structure of the chimney as well as its attachment to the home. A trained professional can tell quite a lot about the chimney’s safety and function just by looking at it.

After the preliminary inspection, the inspector will take a look at the interior of the chimney. This includes getting a good look at the structure of the flue as well as the flue liner. In many cases, the inspector will have a camera that can be used to get into the little nooks and crannies that an inspector cannot reach manually. They are able to see even the smallest cracks in the structure, which could eventually lead to significant damage.

A thorough chimney inspection requires a look at all parts of the chimney system. A certified sweep knows what to look for and what it means.

A thorough chimney inspection requires a look at all parts of the chimney system. A certified sweep knows what to look for and what it means.

The inspector may also inquire as to whether or not any changes have been made to the chimney or fireplace since the last inspection. This could be anything from a new chimney cap to a change in the fuel used for a gas fireplace. If any changes have been made, the inspector may want to double check the impacted area to make sure that everything is functioning as it should be. Homeowners should keep careful records of all changes made to their chimney and know that no adjustment is too small to mention to their inspector.

Before leaving, a good chimney inspector will ask the homeowner if they have any questions. They should be able to explain every aspect of the inspection and all of their findings as well as any other information that the homeowner may request. Prior to the inspection, it is a good idea to make a list of questions about the chimney that the inspector can answer. If they are unwilling or unable to answer any questions, it may be time to consider a new inspector for the following season.

A chimney inspection is the only way for a homeowner to rest assured that their chimney is safe and in good working order. Look for a chimney inspector who is willing and able to answer all questions as well as one who takes proper care of the surrounding area. A thorough inspection will include a superficial look at the structure as well as an in-depth scan with a camera that can see every small corner of the chimney. Here at Basic Chimney, we are committed to making sure you feel good about your annual upkeep.

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Do You Think Critters are Living in Your Chimney?

How Would You Know?

 Having animals in your chimney is one of the most complicated and frustrating situations for a homeowner. Not only can animals cause damage to the chimney, but they can also carry diseases and pests that put the entire family at risk. If someone suspects that animals have set up a home in their chimney, they need to take immediate steps to remove them.

Squirrel Like Chimneys - Baton Rouge LA - Basic Chimney Sweep & Repair

Squirrel Like Chimneys – Baton Rouge LA – Basic Chimney Sweep & Repair

It is possible that you could have animals in your chimney and not even realize it. One of the most common signs is an unpleasant smell coming from the chimney. This could be caused by a number of things but is most often attributed to animal nests and waste sitting in the chimney over a period of time. Another sure sign that there are animals in the chimney is an scratching or banging sound coming from the fireplace. It isn’t a ghost…it is likely a critter who has made himself comfortable in your heating system.

If someone suspects that an animal lives in their chimney, they should resist the urge to try to get it out themselves. This really isn’t a DIY job for a couple of reasons. There is a good chance that the animal is carrying a disease or pests such as ticks. If the animal has a disease such as rabies, there is a strong possibility that they will attack whoever tries to remove them. Although this job should be handled immediately, it is best to wait until a chimney sweep that is trained to deal with these issues can take care of it. The certified sweep is trained to safely remove birds and animals and to dispose of them if they have died.

Once the animals have been removed from the chimney, it is important to prevent this problem from ever occurring again. The best way to do this is by having a chimney cap installed. This is a simple device that is exactly what it sounds like and prevents any future animals from making their way into the chimney. It is an inexpensive and effective solution to a serious problem.

If there is a strange sound or smell coming from the fireplace, there is a good chance that animals are living in the chimney. If this does prove to be the case, it is important to allow a trained chimney sweep to take care of the situation. Once they have been evicted, it is important to install a chimney cap that will prevent them from returning. This is the best way to ensure safe and efficient heating from your chimney.

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