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When Dryer Vent Rerouting is Necessary

Once you have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected the technician may recommend that you have the dryer vent rerouted for safety reasons. What is happening in the construction industry are more and more complex building and complexes that are requiring longer dryer vent runs; some with multiple turns. The technician will also verify that the correct type of duct is in use. For example, plastic transition ducts (joining the dryer to the wall) should be replaced with a metal duct, because it is non-flammable, unlike plastic.

We also look at where the exhaust is going out of your home, condo or apartment. We do this because there are instances where the exhaust is going into an attic, basement or crawl space due to a tear in the duct and even due to bad design of the structure. If the dryer vent is sending debris and lint as well as carbon monoxide into your home then there are multiple dangers compounding in the home that could potentially cause health issues as well as fire. Lint is one of the most dangerous materials in your home in regard to starting a fire. Even the Boy Scouts recommend bringing lint to start fires while camping. We say let them use it and get it out of your home!


It’s important to have your dryer vent exhaust serviced each year to prevent preventable fires. If you need more information, rely on Basic Chimney Sweep & Repair located in Baton Rouge, LA.

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