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Why You Should Consider a Chimney Bird Screen

While most chimneys look the same the structure of many chimneys are different at the crown. Some are flat while others are angled or hooded. That is why you can get bird screens to protect your chimney from being a nesting area for birds of all kinds. However, there are several you will need to be aware of most. Those are Eagles and Chimney Swifts.

Don’t Mess with the Chimney Swifts in your Chimney

The good news is Eagles are rare but as their natural habitat is invaded, they do look for other places to nest and the top of your chimney just might look like a great place. The more likely culprit you hear inside the chimney stack will be the Chimney Swift. They look a lot like bats with small legs that can attach to a vertical wall. They also like dark places to nest and are protected by a Federal Law with as much as $50,000 fines enforced. Having a chimney inspection every year can help determine if you are having critter issues whether you hear them or not.

Chimney Swifts migrate from South America every year and are quite an amazing bird unless they end up in your chimney. At that point, they are simply noisy pests that, by law, you cannot get rid of. You will have to wait till they fly back to South America in the fall to get a bird screen in place for the following year. If you don’t and think they won’t be back, think again. They come back to the same nests each year unless it is unavailable. We keep some of the more common sizes in stock so contact us today to inquire about keeping birds out of your chimney.


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