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Renovating Your Firebox

“Renovating your firebox” is taking on more meaning as the range of decorative choices expands. The insertion of them into the realm of interior decor is also increasing their popularity with homeowners. These days, your fireplace can have the look of a masonry fireplace without the hassles of a chimney. You can also replace the panels of  your firebox… or you can undertake the traditional renovation of a masonry fireplace and do some repointing.

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As more pre-fabricated units reach the natural ends of their lives, their replacement offers a great opportunity for renovation. Furthermore, with so many options available, even people with masonry fireplaces are choosing inserts for their fireboxes. Some homeowners are realizing that what they love is a warm glow, not a roaring fire and the masonry chimney it requires.

Redecorating with Firebox Renovation

The result of all that is an explosion of ‘firebox renovation’, and manufacturers respond with more and more options. What can sometimes be forgotten in all the ‘redecorating’ is that most of these pre-fab units are “decorative appliances”! Whether it is a plug-in electric fireplace, a vent-less gas fireplace, or an insert, it is not designed or constructed for a roaring fire!

Another important thing to remember about fireplace inserts — to make it a safe renovation — is that proper installation is required. Basically, the firebox has to fit the flue, which is why pre-fabricated fireplaces come with pre-fabricated chimneys. They are designed as a system. They are interdependent, if you will.

That does not mean you cannot put a pre-fabricated fireplace system under a masonry chimney. It just means that much more is involved than plugging in a portable fireplace, and the ‘renovation’ needs inspection. A good idea might be to ask the certified sweep who does your annual chimney inspections how the two can be organized to coincide!

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