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Off-Season Repairs

Off-seasons are great seasons to undertake repairs to anything that is not in use. In spring and summer, that is every system that needs to air out and dry! The “off season” presents some significant opportunities for consumers looking to have their chimney swept. Days are ‘longer’ and some of the certified professionals you need to involve are easier to schedule during their off seasons.

Off Season Repairs - Baton Rouge LA - Basic Chimney Sweep

Ultra wide-angle shot of a newly-completed chimney.

Because certified sweeps are specifically trained to comprehend the whole chimney system, their range of expertise is surprisingly broad. This presents an opportunity to have your chimney sweep inspect a variety of areas to see if they need to be addressed. This can actually save a homeowner significant funds in yearly repairs and maintenance.

Early spring is an “off season” for cooling systems and, not surprisingly, rainy months are slower ones for roofing and gutter repairs. Late spring is the right time to make sure your home’s fireplace system is clean and in good repair. In fact, any time in spring is a good time to check everything vulnerable to rain, heat, and critters.

It is also the best time to discover you need repairs, because you have time to do something about it. Summer is perfect for repointing and major repairs to masonry chimneys, which may mean scheduling city inspections well in advance. They will follow the certified sweep’s inspection that the city inspector relies on, so best keep that in mind.

With a little planning and luck, you might be able to coordinate cleanings and inspections for repairs with annually scheduled maintenance. You could have your dryer vent cleaned and checked the same day your fireplace system is inspected. “Off seasons” are more convenient, more practical, and usually more economical for cleanings, maintenance, and repairs to systems that are off.

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