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Critters and Such in the Chimney

Humans are not the only species that need a warm, dry place to live. Without proper prevention, your chimney can become a haven to many a fine feathered or four legged friend. Birds are always on the lookout for somewhere to nest. In the spring and summer time, raccoons will often seek a place to have their young. Scampering squirrels may fall prey to an accidental entrapment. If you hear a scratching and clawing sound in your chimney, it probably isn’t Santa.

Not only is a scared animal in your chimney irritating, it can also be dangerous. Nests and clogs can cause chimney fires. While they look cute and cuddly in National Geographic or the zoo, these creatures can introduce fun things like parasites and fleas into your home.

The best way to prevent critters is a durable chimney cap. Ask Basic Chimney Sweep to make a recommendation. There are lots to choose from! If you are already experiencing a chimney invasion, there are a few things you can do while waiting on us to give you support. Raccoons especially do not like loud noise, so try a radio blasting. Bright lights and strong odors are also effective. Perhaps try that three month old cheese casserole you forgot about in the fridge. Overall, don’t take it on alone! Call in Basic Chimney Sweep. We are trained not only in how to remove squirrely squirrels, but also how to do so safely.

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